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Music Fan's Factory 9.2

An all-in-one application for all your audio-related needs
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Music Fan’s Factory is your personal all-in-one application for all your audio-related needs. This suite of tools covers pretty much anything you need to go through the whole process - from recording the audio to creating your customized music or speech CDs. Thus, this application includes a tool to capture audio, another one to edit it, an audio converter, a CD ripping tool, and a data and audio CD burner.

One of the main assets of this application is the way it has been designed. The interfaces devised for each of the six tools are simple and intuitive enough to allow any user to perform the intended task with just a few clicks. However, more expert or more demanding users will enjoy using the pro-like settings available with each tool. Only the more complex and professional look and feel of the wave form audio editor may refrain some novice users from jumping into this tool without taking a closer look. Regrettably, there is no other way of presenting such an extensive list of functionalities and effects, especially when these include audio recording, frequency analysis, audio mixing, noise reduction, and many, many more.

The list of audio formats supported may be the only department in which you may find some limitations. The most widely used codecs are well represented (MP3, WAV, WMA, Ogg, etc.), but you may miss some of the best-known lossless compression formats, such as FLAC or APE. The formats supported applied not only to the audio converter, but also to the CD grabber, which will convert your CD tracks on the fly. Conversion is also part of the CD burning tool, allowing you to create an audio disc from a mixture of formats.

With Music Fan’s Factory, you will find it difficult to miss any substantial tool to fill all your audio-related needs. If you fall into the “average user” category, you will certainly find many more possibilities than those you are looking for; if you consider yourself an “expert” in audio editing and recording, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Francisco Martínez
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  • A comprehensive suite of tools that covers all your audio editing needs
  • Simple interface with a well-structured menu
  • Intuitive layout
  • Extensive settings for the expert user


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